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awesome.... beautiful!


thank God for what donations they do have...


Very nice portraits in this series. I especially like the ones that are framed a little looser and show more of the Home of the Aged, like these two.


a very provocative shot. she reminds me a lot of my lola, with that mosquito net and that fan beside her. sometimes, the heat is unbearable especially during the nights. but i guess it's more painful for them especially if they don't have a family of their own to call to when they are not feeling good.


another great post sidney. you have the ability to capture the essence of the people you meet and come across. the images evoke the fullness of life in people who have seen the coming and going of many seasons and wear the wrinkles that come with maturity.

Lola Baby

What is the address of this Home for the Aged in Sorsogon in case we want to send donations?

Ashish Sidapara

Very moving images, nice work!

Ashish Sidapara

Very moving images, nice work!


I like this series in black and white. There is something so stark about this person's place to sleep.
Nice shooting.

Wim van der Meij

Every one wants to get old, no one wants to be old.


Tes photos ne manquent jamais de pertinence.
Comment ne pas se sentir interpelés ?
Gros bisous, Sidney :0010:


superbes photos comme d'habitude..mais celle-là me rende triste..ça me rappelle mon pere et son "moustiquiare"..:-)


soon dead.... and after, what about your next series...if a refer me to the frogs....


Un repos bien mérité qui laisse cependant un léger malaise quand on sait qu'il pourrait être éternel.
C'est peut-être aussi l'aspiration de certains d'entre eux.


Militer pour les bonnes causes ne manque pas, celle-ci est très noble. Donner de la lumière à ceux qui en on besoin, c'est bien.


The finances miss to accommodate the old persons


excellent sidney...very moving.


Her quarters looks rather basic.
But then better a basic home than none at all!
Good photographs!


I wish I had a mosquito net. That would be perfect for taking a nap under the tree during the summer months. I think it is heartwarming to know that there are charitable people who support these ladies. The Philippines really does not have established programs to help the elderly population. Most older people are dependent on their families for support, unless they were wealthy patriarchs or matriarchs.


Ah, I remember when I was a child when we didn't have window screens yet, sleeping inside the kulambo and fanning myself during the hot months.
I love the black and white photos in this series!


the black-and-white color sure brings the subject to life. am sorry, i don't know how to explain it better, it's just great.

I was wondering, the whole place is equipped with the necessities right?


Michael Rawluk

You have wonderful photographs and, more importantly, you have are social conscience.

Shazeen Samad

Yes,, these images you show are full of life...


At new,your series is superb. Your images speak of this solidarity between people without which life would not have much sense.

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